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  1. General

    1. The business relationship between Jason Licht and the Commissioner is described in this Terms of Service.
    2. All contact will take place  though E-mail.
    3. All work will have a small signature at the bottom of the piece.   
    4. I may record the artwork and upload the process to YouTube.
    5. I have a right to reject any image I feel uncomfortable making.
  2. Payment

    1. All payment will be USD though PayPal.
    2. Commissions will be paid 100% upfront.
    3. All work will be done in the  order in which they are paid.
    4. Payment is to be sent after project approval.
  3. Refunds

    1. Once the project has begun, there will be no refunds.  
    2. If you cancel your order before it has begun, you can receive a full refund.  
    3. If I am unable to work on your piece, I will issue a full refund.
    4. In the case of a refund, I will transfer the funds myself. Do not request a PayPal chargeback.
  4. Process

    1. Once contact has been established, we will iron out the details of the commission.      
    2. Once price as been agreed upon, the client will send the full price of the piece to the artist though PayPal.      
    3. I will send progress images for approval at certain stages of the image. The number of images will depend on the complexity of the image.   
    4. The time to finish a piece will vary. I will inform you of anything that may slow the process.
    5. Once the piece is finished you will receive the full-resolution (300 DPI) as well as a web (72 DPI) image in PNG file format.  
    6. If you would like a print, just ask, and we can work out the details!
  5. Revisions

    1. Three revisions are included in the price of the image.
    2. Any changes must be made between stages or it may incur an extra fee, unless it was my mistake.
    3. Please provide clear reference. Any images must be clear and readable.
  6. Copyright/Usage

    1. I, Jason Licht, retain the rights to the artwork. I am allowed to use the image for:
      1. Self promotion and display (portfolio, website, social media).
    2. The Client:
      1. May use the piece for personal use (eg; on websites, as profile pictures, prints for personal use) and self promotion.
    3. The Client may not:
      1. Reproduce the work commercially.  
      2. Claim the work as their own.
      3. Alter the work without my consent.             
    4. Rights to the artwork may be purchased from the artist at any time.
  7. Satisfaction    

    1. I will do all I can to make you happy!
    2. If there is any issue with the piece, please let me know and we can work toward a solution.
    3. My ToS is somewhat flexible. For example, not wanting the image displayed. Let me know before we begin!